Poet of the Month

har ik makaan ko hai makii.n se sharaf 'asad' majnuu.n jo mar gayaa hai to ja.ngal udaas hai



Pasbaan-e-adab is a socio, cultural organisation committed to the cause of spreading the values of the composite culture of this country through literature,music and art. Conceived originally as Anjuman Faroghe Adab in the year 2012 , it has come a long way since. It got transformed to in the year 2013 before finally settling down to in 2014. Though the names have changed, the commitment to core values remain the same. It has taken the shape of a registered trust now. in its tryst with its core principle has been a distinguished body organising international literary festivals promoting quality poetry in Hindi and Urdu in the city of Mumbai.

Every year this poetry festival is the most sought after destination for the seekers of quality literature and provides food for thought and succour to the soul. Not only poets from India and Abroad attend these festivals but also people from within and outside the city converge to experience the power of words In rhyme and rhythm.

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